Our Story

We started this company to help solve one of the problems a hunter has – clothing that looks good and feels good that represents my lifestyle. We want more than camo shirts in our closet - something versatile and durable, with a rugged aesthetic and elevated style. We wanted to be comfortable outside the woods, at hunting camp and everywhere in between while supporting what we love. 

Our Purpose

Venado Inc.’s purpose is to promote Hunting. By staying true to this purpose Venado Inc. builds trust and respect in our niche of lifestyle apparel for hunters and their families. Delivering products hunters crave inspires new hunters to explore the lifestyle and empowers customers to proudly respect and share the outdoors with others. Venado Inc. wants to make an impact by celebrating this tradition and making it stronger than ever.

Who We Are

The Venado Inc. Brand is lifestyle Apparel for Hunters. For hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, it is important we support each other in our vision to promote Hunting.  We develop and design apparel based on the voice of the hunter, while making sure each garment’s properties are tested to meet a hunter’s requirements in their everyday activities.  We believe if you look good and feel good, you will do more!

Venado Inc. was born from the belief that the experience of hunting is as important — if not more important — than the harvest. Going places few people go and enduring weather that keeps most hunters home is the fabric of our brand. We live for the uncommon experiences and awe-inspiring moments found through the pursuit. Hunting offers a focus rarely afforded to us in the constant distraction we face in our day-to-day lives. It provides a meaningful connection to the wild around us, and it awakens the wild still within us. This connection grounds us, gives us a much-needed perspective, and shapes our lives far beyond a day spent in the field.

We strive to provide the best value apparel for the hunter & their families who demand nothing less. We design great products that meet the everyday needs of a hunter from practicing shooting your bow, to checking your trail camera, to going out to dinner with your family. We also fully understand that the passion of our customers and employees depends on the conservation of the world’s wildlife resources and the protection of our collective access to the wild places they inhabit. Therefore, Venado Inc. is about more than simply producing awesome gear. Supporting the people and groups who protect our sporting heritage is an equally important part of who we are as a brand and a group of folks who love to hunt.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote hunting by partnering with 2% for Conservation (fishandwildlife.com) that gives 1% of sales and time to organizations of our choosing that support the outdoors. By filtering what Venado Inc. says and does through the lens of Promote Hunting, we strive to deliver apparel for hunters, products hunters crave, inspire new generations to explore the lifestyle and empowers customers to proudly celebrate hunting 365 days a year. We are inviting you to embrace this unequivocal guiding principle at Venado Inc.; Promote Hunting.